St. Lukes Lutheran School


LOL activities are for students in the 5th and 6th grades. Typically, the monthly gatherings meet in the gym on Friday nights from 7 to 9 pm and consist of three things: devotional time, relationship-building fun, and refreshments. This ministry nurtures students' faith and encourages the development of a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our goal is for students to be:

     1. Aware of their identity as a redeemed Child of God;
     2. Equipped to fully participate in the life of the community of faith.

Contact: Megan Skelton (407-365-3408) or

Parent Volunteers

You are needed in the LOL program. And believe or not, your child wants you involved as well. As a volunteer, you can expect this...

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Through LOL Parents become...

We understand that the church comes alongside you as you train up a child in the ways of the Lord. As such, we are here to help you as well.

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What will we learn?

At LOL, 5th and 6th graders discover that church is a safe place to establish and build relationships. They grow in their knowledge that God loves and cares for them unconditionally.

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