St. Lukes Lutheran School

Expand and Enhance

In 2011, St. Luke's engage more than 800 members to develop a Strategic Plan. In January of our Centennial Year, we introduced the 11 goals and 14 objectives that outlined the heart of the plan.

From that outline, Ministry Action Teams (MAT) began crafting recommendations to enable us to accomplish the objectives and meet our goals. To date 47 recommendations have come from the MATs for consideration. Of those 47 recommendations, 24 have been implemented. Some of these recommendations have come before the Voters Assembly for final decision and some have been implemented as part of our regular operations.

As a congregation we know we are called to spread the Gospel to even more people in Oviedo and the surrounding areas. We step boldly into the next 100 years with a mission to awaken and nurture thriving relationships with God through faith in Jesus Christ.


As part of being a good steward and expanding the ministry, St. Luke's has looked at the staffing needs to best grow into the Strategic Plan.

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What about a High School

In 2013, after considering detailed information from a Market Research Study, the congregation accepted the recommendation that now is not the right time to move forward with building a high school.

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Worship Experience

Worship is a central ministry of St. Luke's. This MAT explored ways to enhance our current offerings and begin to consider new worship options in the future.

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Welcoming Culture

A couple of MATs focused creating a welcoming environment through the work of the elders and welcoming volunteers on Sunday morning.

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Spiritual Formation

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