St. Lukes Lutheran School


Life has its ups and downs. At one moment it can be challenging - the next celebratory. Whenever someone in our family of faith needs to feel a strong sense of belonging, Elders demonstrate Christ-like care that is strengthening and relational.

Elders assist the Pastoral staff in providing for the spiritual life of the congregation. Appointed in accordance with St. Luke's By-Laws, men serving in this ministry are advocates through prayer for the spiritual, emotional and physical health and welfare of the pastors and their families.

If you would like to request prayer, please call the church office. You may request prayer:
  • For a special need or concern to be considered for prayer during worship;
  • To be forwarded to the Prayer Chain, faithful members of our congregation who prayer for one another;
  • Directly to your elder
An elder is available to pray with you after each worship service. You may meet at the communion rail in the front of the sanctuary, pulpit side for one-on-one prayer time.

Contact: Pastor Schuschke |


How can I find out who my elder is?
Send your name to We will respond by providing your elder contact information.
When should I contact my elder?
If there is an event in life that brings you joy or sorrow and you wish spiritual care and nurturing.
How can I help my elder?
Keep him informed of any changes to your address, phone number or email. Let him know if you're moving away so assistance in finding another church home can be provided.
Pray. Elders and their families appreciate your prayers. Let your Elder know when you have prayed for him. They will be blessed.

Member Care

Each congregation member is placed under the care of an Elder. They are available in times of illness, loss, and doubt as well as times to celebrate God's blessings.

Worship Assistance

Assisting the pastors in serving the Lord's Supper is a role of the Elders. This includes having elders present at the Lutheran Haven Nursing Home for Sunday worship at 9:30 a.m.


Elders assist in providing opportunities for members to get to know and care for each other through social activities.


By visiting and encouraging members, elders spread the love of Christ. When you are suffering, emotionally, physically or spiritually, your elder is here for you.

  • Jon Adams

  • Stan Allen

  • Jay Barfield

  • Scott Beckett

  • Michael Begey

  • Dave Blackwood

  • Arvin Blank

  • Kurt Brock

  • Jerry Brunton

  • Billy Bushell

  • Steve Cecchetti

  • Marty Christiansen

  • JD Daher

  • Mark Darty

  • David Duda

  • Patrick Duffy

  • Doug Duppstadt

  • Ron Frank

  • David Fritz

  • Tom Galloway

  • Bill Grodski

  • Kim Herbon

  • Scott Hinrichs

  • Tom Hultgreen

  • Michael Johnson

  • Pat Leupold

  • Alex Leyte-Vidal

  • Steven Lindauer

  • Jack Luckhardt

  • George Mahoney

  • Dave Maire

  • Tom Matson

  • Hank Millies

  • Robert Miner

  • Tim Moorhead

  • Bill Parrish

  • Steve Reed

  • Mike Sasso

  • Ray Stiver

  • Brent Summersgill

  • Doug Taylor

  • George VanDeventer

  • Tom Walters

  • Gary Watters

  • Roger Whitney