What is LOL ROCK?

LOL ROCK activities are for students in the 5th and 6th grades. Typically, the monthly gatherings consist of three things: devotional time, relationship-building fun, and refreshments. This ministry nurtures students’ faith and encourages the development of a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ. Dates, times and cost for LOL ROCK events vary.

Contact:  Karen Blank, LOL ROCK Coordinator (407.273.6558 or lolrock@stlukes-oviedo.org)

LOL Rock Emergency Form LOL Rock Emergency Form (345 KB)


Our goal is for students to be:

     1. Aware of their identity as a redeemed Child of God;
     2. Equipped to fully participate in the life of the community of faith.

Through the LOL ROCK program, students will...
  • Discover that church is a safe place to establish and build relationships;
  • Grow in their knowledge that God loves and cares for them unconditionally;
  • Learn that they have already “won the race” through the love, sacrifice, and victory of Jesus their Savior;
  • Respect and accept their peers by understanding the “unfair” concepts of grace and mercy;
  • Apply Biblical concepts to life, especially to relationships with family and friends.
Parents of students in the LOL ROCK program will become...
  • Eager participants, transforming their “fear of teens” into loving and meaningful relationships;
  • Confident in their ability to engage their child in faith conversations.
Parent Volunteers in the LOL ROCK program will…
  • Discover opportunities to deepen their faith;
  • See the world through the eyes of their children;
  • Appreciate the social interaction of their children and peers.