What is J.A.M.?


J.A.M. activities are for middle school students in 7th and 8th grades. A typical gathering incorporates three things: Bible study, fellowship, and small groups. This ministry builds peer relationships and motivates students to develop their life-long relationship with Jesus Christ.J.A.M. events typically occur on Friday nights.

Contact: Megan Skelton, Director of Christian Education (407.365.3408) or jam@sllcs.org

JAM Registration Form 15-16 JAM Registration Form 15-16 (163 KB)

Please join us for Middle School Youth Gathering on November 6th-8th. To participate, parents must complete the Release Form by clicking the link below, printing the pdf and returning to Megan Skelton with payment by Friday, October 9th. 

Middle School Youth Gathering Packet Middle School Youth Gathering Packet (293 KB)

Our goal is for students to be:

     1. Aware of their identity as a redeemed Child of God;
     2. Equipped to fully participate in the life of the community of faith.
Through the J.A.M. program, students will…
  • Build upon the goals of LOL ROCK (Ministry for students in 5th and 6th grades);
  • Learn to dialogue with each other and adult mentors about faith issues and topics;
  • Develop a positive self-image as creations of God;
  • Establish a firm foundation in Christian basics;
  • Expand ownership of their faith.
Parents of students in the J.A.M. program will become...
  • Partners in ministry. We believe that parents (not the church) will always be the biggest influence on their children's lives in every way--including spiritually. We want to work with you, the most powerful, influential people to help our students grow in their relationship with Jesus. 
  • Eager to be actively engaged in their kids' spiritual growth as well as their own.
  • Confident in their ability to engage their child in faith conversations.
Parent Volunteers in the J.A.M. program will…
  • Discover opportunities to deepen their faith;
  • See the world through the eyes of their children;
  • Appreciate the social interaction of their children and peers.