When children grow physically, they reach milestones along the way. They learn to crawl, walk, speak, etc. The same is true when they grow spiritually! Two very important milestones are baptism (becoming part of the family of God) and confirmation (publicly professing faith and taking the Lord’s Supper). However, there are other milestones that children reach that deserve to be celebrated! These milestones include learning to worship, serve and read the Bible.

St. Luke’s is excited to offer opportunities to celebrate faith milestones at the ages of 4, kindergarten, second grade, and fifth grade. Parents (and in some cases children) are invited to attend three classes in which they will learn how to make faith an integral part of their life at home and encourage their children as they grow spiritually. At the end of each session of classes, parents and children will be invited to the front of the church as the children receive a blessing object that can be used at home. 

Age 4 Milestone – Worship

(Children should turn 4 on or before August 31.)

In these sessions, parents learn to:

Better understand worship.
Use tools that enhance their child's worship.
Have effective devotions with their 4-year-old.
Speak a blessing while presenting a Worship Kit.

Kindergarten Milestone - Service

In these sessions, parents learn to:

Have effective devotions with their 5-year old.
Teach their child to serve as Jesus served.
Teach money management and giving.
Speak a blessing while presenting a Towel and Basin.

Second Grade Milestone - First Bible

In these sessions, parents and children learn to:

Have family devotions together.
Use the Bible in personal devotions.
Better understand how to use the Bible.
Parents speak a blessing while presenting a Bible.

Fifth Grade Parent/Child Retreats

Father/Son Retreat: This retreat is designed to help 5th grade boys and their fathers (or a significant male figure in the child's life) to discuss what it means to be a man from the Biblical perspective.  

Mother/Daughter Retreat: This retreat is designed to facilitate mom-daughter conversations and encourage future openness between mom and daughter. Also, will direct girls to take their cues about beauty and personal value from God’s Word.

Contact:  faithmilestones@stlukes-oviedo.org