St. Lukes Lutheran School

Junior Confirmation

Confirmation is an important facets of St. Luke's educational ministry. A milestone in the spiritual training for 8th grade students at St. Luke's School and 7th and 8th grade students in our church community, this is an opportunity for students to take ownership of their baptismal faith. They learn how to prepare for the Sacrament of Holy Communion and properly "examine" themselves (1 Corinthians 11:28). On this journey in Scriptural instruction students discover and live out their God-given identity as members of Christ's body, the Church.

Confirmation Retreat

Janary 26th - 28th
The highlight for most teens. A key time for students to be stretched in their relationships with God and one another. Registration deadline is January 10th.


Mentors lead small groups through faith topics while fostering relationships. We will engage new mentors in the fall. Let Mgan Skelton know if you are interested.


Confirmation classes start Wednesday, August 23rd Typically, 7th graders take the first year class, and 8th graders take our second year class. Register Here.

Class Schedule

Wednesday Night Confirmation Class Schedule

Confirmation Weekend

The Confirmation Service will take place on Sunday, May 6th in Oviedo at 11:00 AM or in Sanford at 10:30 AM. The requested donation for gown rental, flowers, pictures, etc. will be $25 and you will receive more information in early spring.

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What's Second Year Learning?

The second year of Confirmation the student prepare to affirm their baptismal vows by diving into the New Testament and learning...

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What's First Year Learning?

The first year of confirmation lays the foundation with a focus on learning about the Old Testament and much more...

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