St. Lukes Lutheran School

A Night in Bethlehem

"Behold here [Bethlehem] what the Gospel is, namely, a joyful sermon concerning Christ, our Saviour." - Martin Luther

Christmas. A season filled with wonder, amazement and faith. It is a time to worship, pray, and become aware of Christ born for you on a dark night in a manger in Bethlehem. Experience the Christmas story in a way that reveals the prophets' ancient words, the obedience of Mary, a marketplace thoroughfare to a manger and the shining light guiding the shepherds -- all coming to rest on the grace of God and one infant in swaddling clothes.

Visitors are guided through interactive scenes throughout the campus. Church members reach out to the community with this story of love by recreating key moments of that night so long ago. At the end of the tour, enjoy refreshments and performances by St. Luke's music groups. This journey back in time occurrs the second weekend in December.

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