Living His Story

2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of St. Luke's Lutheran Church. We are grateful for God's blessings and faithfulness over the last century. To celebrate His rich blessings, we have a variety of events and service projects that will serve to gather the St. Luke's families and mobilize us to serve in the community. We hope you will join us in these special opportunities listed below as we Live His Story!

Our First 25 Years Video 

Our Second 25 Years Video

Our Third 25 Years Video

Our Fourth 25 Years Video

The CMF Public Media Broadcast features three St. Luke's members sharing the centennial story.

Celebrating Through Service

On January 14, St. Luke’s was blessed with the opportunity to put our faith into action. Nearly 100 members traveled to Mount Dora in Lake County, braving the cold, to glean citrus for the hungry. It was a wonderful opportunity to strengthen old friendships and to develop new ones as we shared Christ’s love with those in need.  At the end of the day a total of 5,000 pounds of oranges and tangerines were harvested and sent to the Community Food & Outreach Center in downtown Orlando. 

Amanda, the coordinator for the Society of St. Andrews, told us that this fruit would likely be gone by the end of the evening on Saturday, highlighting the needs in Central Florida. The day was not only a meaningful opportunity to serve, it was also fun.  In fact at the end of the day my 6 year old son said to me, “dad can we do this again when I’m 7?” To that I said, “absolutely son, absolutely.” So as we journey into St. Luke’s Centennial year let us continue to join together in service, giving the glory to God. - Lawton Thompson 

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church observes 100th anniversary

By Amy KD Tobik | January 18, 2012 Seminole Chronicle

There's a real sense of history as thousands of people gather for church services each Sunday at St. Luke's Lutheran Church. Several generations of worshippers stroll along the walkway together chatting about their families, their current church projects and plans for the future. This year, as St. Luke's Lutheran Church observes its 100th anniversary, the congregation will be celebrating both their roots in the community as well as their continuous faith. Full story.