St. Lukes Lutheran School

Church History

Church History

St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church has served the Oviedo community for 100 years. The church's growth has in many ways mirrored the growth of the surrounding area. Here are some highlights from the church's history.   A book is available for purchase at the church office or online with a 300+ page history of our 100 years of blessings.  (Slavia History)

  1. 1911

    Jan 1: Some members of Holy Trinity Slovak Lutheran Church in Cleveland, Ohio form the Slavia Colony Company. In October, they buy 1,200 acres in the Oviedo area and begin moving there.

  2. 1912

    Mar 17: St. Luke the Evangelizer Church is founded and their first sanctuary is built.

  3. 1934

    Jul 31: Pastor Stephen M. Tuhy was installed as the 1st full-time pastor.

  4. 1935

    Sep 1: The congregation decides to build a parsonage for Pastor Tuhy.

  5. 1939

    Jun 4: Dedication of the new red-brick structure built as St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church, at a cost of $7,421.

  6. 1941

    Jan 1: The congregation resolves to have a weekly bulletin issued. Since its purpose is to disseminate information it receives the name: The LIGHT (In Slovak: "Svetlo").

  7. 1944

    Jan 1: A nursery school is established for children from ages 3 to 5, in keeping with the congregation's dedication to religious education of the young.

  8. 1947

    Sep 4: St. Luke's Christian Day School opens.

  9. 1948

    May 30: Dedication of the Lutheran Haven, built to care for orphaned children and the elderly.

  10. 1957

    May 5: Dedication of the newly enlarged and renovated church building, which now seats 375.

  11. 1969

    Jan 1: Pastor John J. Kucharik is installed as the new pastor.

  12. 1979

    Jan 1: "Founders' Hall" multi-purpose building is built and dedicated to St. Luke's early pioneers. The building cost $500,000 and features a gymnasium, locker room, stage, kitchen, and a lunchroom/meeting room.

  13. 1982

    Jan 1: Pastor E. J. Rossow is installed as the new pastor.

  14. 1993

    Nov 14: Dedication of new sanctuary and other renovations.

  15. 1994

    Feb 1: New Zimmer organ celebrated with an inaugural concert.

  16. 1996

    Dec 1: The first performances of the annual Christmas show 'From Everywhere to Bethlehem.'

  17. 1998

    Mar 5: Pastor W. M. Arp is installed as a new pastor. Pastor Arp is named to Senior Pastor in 1999.

  18. 2000

    Mar 30: Pastor Brian Roberts is installed as a new pastor.

    Jul 16: Pastor Gary Schuschke is installed as a new pastor.

  19. 2001

    Jun 1: New St. Luke's Lutheran School building completed.

    Aug 22: New Lutheran Haven Early Childhood Center opens.

  20. 2002

    Dec 10: Shepherd's Hope Health Care clinic opens in the old school building.

  21. 2005

    Jul 31: Pastor Scott Abel, installed as missionary-at-large to serve the new Chuluota multi-site location.

    Sep 11: The new St. Luke's multi-site location in Chuluota, FL holds it's first worship service.

  22. 2007

    May 20: The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Sanford, FL is commissioned as a "Partner in Ministry."